Monday, May 16, 2011

Creativity Tips

I thought that I would offer some suggestions for maintaining and enhancing a creative mind.

I truly believe that my creativity stems from a deep connection with my childhood. As a result I devote a lot of time and energy to my playful, childish side. Successful authors always recommend for new, emerging authors to write everyday.

Here are some topics that can help:

Creativity Tip #1

Sing whatever you do. I love doing this with my son, whether I am changing his diaper or giving him a bath, singing it out makes it even more fun and can pass the time a lot quicker. He is also at the age now where he love to sing along and add in his own words.

That's a full diapee, oh it's full of pee-pee, man it would be lovely...if Mikey would use the potty, but oh he is not quite ready, no matter, daddy will always love you buddy.

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