Monday, May 30, 2011

Creativity Tip #4

Have serious discussion about something that is not serious. Pretend that you are a lawyer giving your opening comments to a jury about why chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream.

Speak or write as passionately on the subject as possible. Look up information and stats to support your argument.

Here is an excerpt from a website dedicated to everything that is ice cream.

The most popular topping for ice cream is chocolate syrup.
For other ideas on toppings and syrups see our
ice cream toppingssection

Ice cream as an industry
has an estimated global value of 7.5 billion (USD 11bn).

The world's top 5 consumers of ice cream
in order are: USA, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Belgium/Luxembourg. In the USA, July is officially recognised as 'National Ice Cream Month'; designated by President Reagan in 1984, the idea behind it was for people to celebrate the fun in ice cream as well as recognising its nutritious value.

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