Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creativity Tip #3

Take a character that you like, the more famous the better. Then put him or her in a situation and make that character do exactly the opposite of what they normally would do.

Take Mickey Mouse for example. Yes, I know, he stole MY name. Everyone knows that there is only one REAL Mickey. Anyway, he is known throughout the world as a lovable mouse. A little gross and weird, yes, I mean a talking mouse that wears people clothes…sure. So Mickey wouldn’t hurt a fly. Pretty much he is a big softie. Well what if he was actually a big meanie?

Here’s the situation. Mickey comes home and sees that Donald Duck has eaten the last piece of cheesecake from in the refrigerator. Mickey had been saving that for himself and was looking forward to eating it after a long hard day at work. What does he do for a living you may be asking? I’m not really sure. But for the sake of moving along the game, let’s say that he just came home from his job at the Swiss Cheese factory. Mickey’s job is to eat all of those tiny holes into in the cheese – I’d make sure there is no mouse slobber before you go ahead and eat that ham and Swiss sandwich next time.

So, normally, Mickey, although annoyed, would have probably forgiven Donald, only after the duck apologized though. But what if on that day, Mickey was especially grouchy? No wait, even better, let’s say that he had lost his job at the Swiss Cheese factory and now he was down right steaming mad. Maybe Mickey would react like this.

“Where is my cheesecake!” Screams Mickey as he stands before the refrigerator.

“I’m sorry Mickey, were you saving that for yourself?” Responds Donald, a little embarrassed.

“Yes, Fishbrain, as a matter of fact I was!”

“I’m sorry Mickey, I didn’t know. Maybe next time you can label it with your name or something, just so there is no confusion.”

“Maybe if you decided to shed a few pounds, I wouldn’t have this problem at all, you blubberbottom!”

“Mickey, there’s no need for name calling, it was an accident.”


Mickey grabs Donald by his collar, and gives him nuggies until Donald cries and wets himself. Then he goes back into the fridge, grabs the mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise and dumps it on his head.

“Maybe next time you’ll think before you stuff your FUGLY FACE!

There you have it. Mickey, not being Mickey. So next time you are bored, go ahead and try it. Battle your friend to see who can come up with the most out-of-character situation. Just in case you are stuck for ideas, try out these:

· Winnie the Pooh finds out that Eeyore has gone swimming in his jar of honey.
· Batman comes home to find out that the Joker has put on his bat suit and has been impersonating him.
· Alvin and the Chipmunks find out that Dave never bought them any Christmas presents.
· Fred Flintstone discovers that Barney has been using his toothbrush as a back scratchier.
· It actually is Frosty the Snowman’s birthday, and nobody bothered to show up to his party.
· Charlie Brown is invited to go out with the Great Pumpkin on Cabbage Night.
· Spiderman discovers that he can fly. If that weren’t enough, he discovers that he can fly faster than Superman. How about a race?

**Excerpt from MICKEY ANGIE LOWE And His Crazy Fantastic Doodle Pen. Available on amazon.com - June 2011**

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